Sometimes you’re in a pinch, but you still need to satisfy that coffee addiction. Whether you’re brewing a fresh pot at home or buying for the office to enjoy, it’s good to know which cheap coffee brands you’ll likely enjoy and which ones you’ll want to stay away from. Here are some we tried!


So… this brand is gross. Don’t be tempted by the super low price. It’s about $4 or $5. Light roast? Sounds incredible, right? Nope. This coffee tastes bitter with an ugly aftertaste. I can usually get through a bad cup of coffee but this one is unfinishable (not sure if that’s a word).

I give this a 1/10. It’s that bad. I don’t even like using this in my coffee machine because the steam stains my machine with that horrible brewing smell.


So you might have seen a can like this for about $7. Not bad for the amount of coffee you get. You have to really like Folgers though. Some people love Folgers, others not so much. In my professional coffee tasting opinion, this coffee is just a step above Shoppers Value in taste and quality. So I give this a 2/10.


Okay, so for roughly the same price as Folgers you can get Maxwell House. It’s a little worse in quality than Folgers, yet still better than Shoppers Value. I give this one 2/10.


Hmm… We might be getting somewhere. It costs about $7 for a sizeable can and well… it’s not bad. Not my first choice, but it makes a great “emergency coffee”. It’s has a bit of an aftertaste, much like the previously mentioned brands, but it’s less noticeable. I give this one a 6/10. It passes the taste test! (Barely)


If you’ve ever tried a McCafé coffee, now you can have it at home. A 30oz can costs $8-$10. And… it’s good! It has a bit of a “burnt” taste to it, so if that’s not your thing, this might not be for you. I give this a solid 8/10.


This will run you about $6 for a 30oz can. It’s Great Value, but unlike Shoppers Value, it’s actually pretty good! 7/10! The only problem with this brand is that it’s a bit weak. It takes more coffee grounds to make it strong. Other than that, this is excellent coffee!


10/10. Yep… 10/10. This coffee tastes great, it has no aftertaste, it’s strong, and you get a lot! It costs about $10-$11 for a 40oz bag. I would choose this brand over any other brand mentioned here.

What about you? What cheap coffee brands do you prefer?